Heated Multiplexers

heated multiplexers

Flexotherm™ manufactures heated multiplexers for use in emissions testing and sampling. Heated multiplexers from Flexotherm™ allow the user to have total control of gas flow and direction. Our multiplexers help improve testing effciency and accuracy while keeping your operators in control at a safe distance. Each model includes a custom-made heated and insulated aluminum manifold designed to provide constant and consistent heating to all components. In order to ensure proper function in the most challenging environments a Dursan SilcoNert® coating is an available option for improved resistance to hang-up from ammonia contaminants. Other options include an integrated temperature controller base (inlcuding cables to housing unit) as well as an extended handle shaft. Other options include functionality for various thermocouple types: J Type Thermocouple, K Type Thermocouple, T Type Thermocouple, and E Type Thermocouple. For more information please contact us today to configure the heated multiplexer that's designed specifically to work with your application.

  • Heated & Insulated Aluminum Manifold
  • 3/8" (0.9525 cm) Compression Fittings
  • Front Panel Valve Position Indicators
  • Switching 3-Way Ball Valves - Inlet Side
  • Electrically Actuated Ball Valves for Leak Checking and Sample System Integrity
  • Integrated Temperature Controller Base - Optional
  • J Type Thermocouple - Optional
  • K Type Thermocouple - Optional
  • T Type Thermocouple - Optional
  • E Type Thermocouple - Optional
  • Extended Handle Shaft - Optional
  • Dursan SilcoNert® Coating - Optional

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Heated Multiplexers