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  • New Product Technology

    From design and engineering to fabrication and build, Neptech, Inc. provides off-the-shelf and custom sub assemblies for small to large volume production requirements.

  • Neptech Inc. is proud to be a
    Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

  • Industrial Heated Blankets / Drum / Totes

    Flexible, water resistant, Industrial heated vinyl blankets for use with buckets, barrels, drums and as ground warmers, work mats and
    heated totes.

  • Heated Sample Lines

    Specifically for gaseous emissions sampling, stainless steel braiding with zero cold-spot construction performs in extreme test cells.
    We specialize in custom designs made for your needs and quality expectations.

  • Heated Hoses

    For biofuel, chemical transfer, hot melt, asphalt dispensing, hot oil, food products, and tar dispensing applications up to 800°F.

  • Heated Multiplexers

    Improve emissions testing efficiency and accuracy while keeping operators in control at a safe distance. Heated multiplexers from Flexotherm™ allow the user to have total control of gas flow
    and direction.

  • Smoke Meter Lines

    For use in combination with smoke meters for soot content measurement. Superior workmanship, Quality, and Price is what separates Neptech from standard OEM components.

  • Filter Elements

    Check our Filter Element Reference Guide and compare with over 55 filter brands from around the world. Neptech cross references filter elements for more than 55 major filter element brands such as: Ace, Domnick, Watts, Pure Air, and Motivair.

  • Flow Control & Monitoring

    Neptech, Inc. is your technical expert for any applications requiring precision flow control and monitoring product selection. No matter the flow rate, pressure, or media, we can provide a product suited for your application.

  • Temperature Sensing
    & Control

    A full portfolio of systems and components
    from chillers and heat exchangers to circulators
    and thermocouples.

  • Fittings / Manifolds / Valves / Tubing / Hoses / Pipes

    Everything required for high pressure, full vacuum, high temperature, cryogenic, small diameter, and large diameter applications.

  • Gas Filtration,
    & Conditioning

    Solutions for all manufacturing, testing, and power generation applications. From removing moisture to providing Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators, we have solutions to meet and exceed your requirements.

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