Unprecedented Power Factor for Heated Mesh

Heated Mesh Achieves Unprecedented Power Factor of 1

Flexotherm just announced it has entered into a manufacturing and distribution agreement with the new HeatedMesh™ heating elements securing category exclusivity in the automotive sector. HeatedMesh can now be integrated into any Flexotherm heated blanket, jacket, heated seats or other applications. There are numerous advantages over existing heated products including:

Uniform Heat Distribution – 7,000 hot points per square foot. The power factor is close to 1 – denoting that nearly 100 percent of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy.

Temperature Control – HeatedMesh tolerates twice as much start-up voltage, allowing a more rapid rise to the desired temperature.

Cost-Effective – the uniform distribution allows for decreased temperature over an increased area.

Ease of Manufacturing – pre-manufactured HeatedMesh elements are easily integrated into blankets and insulating products.

Flexibility and reinforced strength to withstand up to 3 tons and extreme temperatures.

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